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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Parable of the Talents & Responsibility


   We had quite the start to a school year.  Stitches, ear infections, and strep throat...Oh My!  Thankfully, the kids were troopers and we chugged on.  Our first Bible story of the year, was the Parable of the Talents found in Matthew 25:14-30.  We are also learning a new virtue every week, which I hope to pair with our Bible story.  This week, I chose Responsibility.  Our virtue and Bible story also went along well with the story, Lentil, we are rowing this week.  Our memory verse is below:

Now it is required that those who have been 
given a trust must prove faithful.  1 Corinthians 4:2 

   What exactly is a parable?  A parable is a story, told by Jesus, used to reveal a moral or spiritual lesson.  In this parable, a man is going away on a journey.  He entrusts a sum of money (talents) to his 3 servants, each receiving a different amount of money.  The first two servants use the money they are given to make more money.  The master is pleased with them when he returns.  However, the third servant buries his money instead of using it.  The master calls him evil and lazy for doing nothing with it and throws him out.  We discussed how the master is like God, he gives us all different kinds/amounts of talents & abilities.  We are to be responsible and faithful for what he has entrusted to us.

Day 1 (Matthew 25:14-18):   After reading our scripture, we worked on a worksheet (found here) where they had to spot the difference in the bags of money.  Afterward, they had to think of a talent they had been given and draw a picture of it:

Day 2 (Matthew 25:19-23):  Before we started our time, I handed them each an envelope with different coins inside.  They opened it and we discussed that the money is like the talents God gives to us.  Sometimes we have the same talents as others.  Sometimes they are different.  Sometimes we have more than others or less.  That is what makes each of us special in God's eyes.  After we read scripture, I introduced our friends, Fred & Frank (see picture below).
-A little bit of science- Both Fred & Frank share the same talent.  They are able to move water.  However, Frank hides his talent while Fred is happy to share.  We took them to the sink and turned the water on.  After holding Frank near the water, nothing happened.  However, after sharing that Fred knows he must rub his head on our heads in order to show his talent, we were able to hold Fred near the stream of water and watch it bend.  The boys thought this was pretty neat.  A quick lesson on static electricity!

Day 3 (Matthew 25:24-25):  After reading our excerpt from the Bible, we also read the Critter Kingdom Storybook from Resource Well.  It talks about how ostriches have such strong legs, that they could kill a lion with one kick.  But sometimes, they get scared and run, or flop down on the ground, hoping to blend in like the dirt/sand (Myth- ostriches do not bury their heads in the sand!).  Again, we discussed that we should use the talents that God gave us instead of hiding them.  We played a fun game, called Ostrich Talent Toss.  They had to toss objects (in groups of 1, 2, & 5) into a basket, bent over like an ostrich.

Baby J watching from the sidelines.
We also had a really yummy Treasure snack.  I gave them each some graham crackers in a bag and told them to crush them up (to look like sand).  Next, I gave them a piece of chocolate (talent) and a cup.  I told them to put their talent in the cup and bury it with the sand.  I told them I gave them the chocolate because I wanted them to have it and enjoy it.  Just as God gives us talents that He wants us to use.

Day 4 (Matthew 25:26-30):  We talked about ways to increase what we had been given for the Lord, just like the first two servants had done.  I also found this page (from Jedi Craft Girl) which gave us a very clever reminder on our money.  In God We Trust- but in reverse, God trusts in us to share.  To wrap up the week, we had a talent hunt.  I hid some money throughout the room and they had to find it all.  Then, we watched a short film adaptation of the parable (see below).

Found them!

  All of this talk of responsibility, means a chore chart is coming soon!

Thanks to these websites who really helped me out this week:
     Resource Well
Jedi Craft Girl

What's next for us:  Jonah & Obedience


  1. I love this! Especially Fred and Frank. You have so many great hands on ideas so the children are really able to internalise what they are learning. Well done Mummy! (Oh and well done boys!)

  2. Thank you! Fred & Frank were also very helpful in keeping Miss J happy whilst we finished the rest of our AM school.