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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Week 5 - Caps For Sale

Caps!  Caps for Sale!  Fifty cents a cap!  I think I repeated this 5 times a day, every day this week.  Caps For Sale by Esphyr Slobodkina is a great book with an exciting and unexpected twist at the end.  A peddler selling his caps takes a nap under a tree.  When he wakes up, all of his caps have been taken by monkeys.  He gets very angry at the monkeys and yells at them while making gestures.  The monkeys just repeat the actions that he makes while saying Tsz, tsz, tsz.  In the end, he throws his cap on the ground in frustration and then all the monkeys throw their caps down to the ground.  Thus, he gets his caps back.  We started the week by talking about the peddler and all of his different feelings.  We also talked about how he was dressed and his peculiar "handlebar" mustache.  So, we made our own:

Of course we had to stack our own caps!  First they had to group them by color and count them.  Then, they stacked them on our very own peddler.

And then.... a little balancing act of our own:

And my two peddler's yelling at the monkeys:

Then, we moved on to monkeys.  We talked about what the saying "monkey see, monkey do" means.  We read Good Night Gorilla by Peggy Rathmann, Monkey See Monkey Do by Marc Gave and Amazing Animals:  Monkeys by Valerie Bodden.  We took a trip to the zoo and looked at several species of monkeys and apes.  No pictures of the seems every time we visit the monkeys, they are doing something obscene.  Thankfully, the boys have not caught on to this yet.  We sang Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed and made thumbprint monkey's in a tree (the black lines are tails made out of pipe cleaners):

 And, what would the week be like without a fun treat?  We made chocolate covered frozen banana pops with chocolate sprinkles.  The boys said they were great...the one bite that I had tasted pretty good ;)

Tsz, Tsz, Tsz?

C is all about the silly posing these days... personally, I think he looks a little touched.
I used bits and pieces from two different lapbooks (homeschool share and homeschool creations) this week.  We did a page on phonics, rhyming and made a book that introduces the concept of cents.   We looked at pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters:

We wrapped up the book with some acorns!  Since it is officially fall, we talked about the season and read a few fall/autumn books.  We made acorn faces to show the feelings of the peddler and used the caps of the acorn to make a Memory game:


Some great go-along books that we read are:
   Whose Hat? By Margaret Miller, Jennie’s Hat by Ezra Jack Keats, Peedie by Olivier Dunrea and Circus Caps for Sale by Esphyr Slobodkina.


We talked about some of God's promises this week and our story was on Abraham & Isaac.  Our memory verses were Psalm 148:5 and...Luke 1:37:

Nothing is impossible with God.  Luke 1:37 (Not sure what the 2 fingers at the end are.  Peace?)

I started the week off by showing them a present that was wrapped with Spiderman (their favorite!) paper.  I told them that there was something very special inside that God made.  There were many (hopeful) guesses of new toys.  I talked about patience and how we would have to wait to open it, but I promised that we would open it before the end of the week.  That lead into our lesson about Abraham and how God promised him a son.  Abraham had to be patient and wait a long time before God's promise was fulfilled.  
The Day of opening the box:

It was....a mirror!

I was so happy that they understood right away that the special gift was them.
You can't tell by this silly picture, but there was no fuss about no new "toys".

  We focused on God's Promise to:  never destroy the earth with water (rainbow), hear us when we pray (listening ear), send His son Jesus to die for our sins (cross) and love us and never forsake us.  They got to choose their favorite promise and color it and make it into a gift.
Our mobile with all the images/promises.
B's rainbow
 Lastly, we talked about the birth of Isaac and what his name meant.  Then, we looked at their baby books and talked about how special they were to Mommy and Daddy!

Hard to believe this was nearly 4.5 years ago.


We moved on to lesson number 5 this week.  The boys are doing great with writing their numbers.  They had to count the blocks that were shaded in and write the answer.  There was a bit of review of the other methods at the end of the lesson.


We made our N's and M's this week.  Next week we'll be reviewing all of the capital's we've done so far.


Another great week of reading in this house!  I promise there will be a video next week!!

We'll be lightening the load next week as we are going on a camping trip!  


Special thanks to Core Knowledge for inspiration.


  1. I've got twin girls and looking at yours just reminded me of mine when they were little. They are going to be big girl 10 on tuesday. The time just flies by! I'm over from delightful learning link up- about to start this with my youngest two next week!

  2. Time does fly by way too quickly. I don't even want to think about them becoming seems so far away, but it's not really. How long have you been schooling your clan? Love the blog name, by the way!