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Monday, September 24, 2012

Week 4 - Blueberries For Sal

     We had a great time rowing Blueberries For Sal by Robert McCloskey.  We got to do so many fun things this week!  The story is about a little girl who goes to blueberry hill to pick berries with her mother to can for the winter.  While she is there, she gets separated from her mother and goes on the search for her.  Meanwhile, there is also a mother bear and little bear eating berries to "store up food for the winter."  Very cute story.  We started the week off by completing some of our lapbook:


We also sharpened our scissor skills (sharpened, get it, haha!) by cutting out blueberries to fill up a tin pail printable:
 And, it wouldn't be a very blueberry week without starting one of our mornings off with some delectable (Jiffy mix) blueberry muffins.  

DISCLAIMER:  Apparently, this was funny face week and I was not informed.  After looking back through the pictures, I have tons of crazy face pictures.

We also made our very own blueberry play-dough (find the recipe here) and had our own blueberry picking adventure.  Unfortunately, it is too late in the season to go pick your own.  So, I had to improvise.  Luckily, we have some very nice bushes in our front yard that worked famously.  Pictures and film of the now famous berry hunt:

Home-made blueberry bush...  They check the bushes every time we go outside to see if blueberry hill is back :)

After the Great Hunt, we took a break and made our own blueberry bushes with the play-doh and had a blueberry snack:

We wrapped up the week with a little finger-painting.  We made our own blueberry pies and blueberry bushes.

They got to experience their first tasting of Pop Rocks, thanks to MeMe & Pops.  They were blueberry flavored, so hey, what a great tie in.  See video below!

  Some great go-along books/movie that we used were:


 This week we focused on how we can pray to God, hear from God and serve God anywhere and anytime.  Our memory verses were Psalm 148:4 and...Colossians 3:23:
Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart,
as working for the Lord not for human masters.  Colossians 3:23

We started off with the story of Hannah and how she went to the temple to pray to God for a baby.  We made a sad/happy Hannah face puppet to retell the story:

Played a fun game of hitting a bullseye with our airplane to talk about places that we can pray:

Next, we talked about how Hannah took Samuel back to the temple to serve the Lord.  We made paper chains with ways we could serve (more cutting skills!) and looked at different pictures of places that we could serve:

Finally, we ended with the story of God calling Samuel.  We had a great song/fingerplay that we learned to the tune of Are You Sleeping?  Instead, it is called Where is Samuel?

Where is Samuel, where is Samuel?
Here I am, here I am.
Did you call me Eli?  No, I didn't Samuel.
It's the Lord, go to bed.

 Where is Samuel, where is Samuel?
Here I am, here I am.
Speak Lord I am listening, speak Lord I am listening.
Then God spoke, then God spoke.

They thought the best part of the song was, "It's the Lord, go to bed!"  Perhaps my favorite part of this was reliving my childhood days.  Our library has the Nest Entertainment Family Video's that I used to watch in children's church!  I found the Samuel movie and we got to watch it as a wrap-up.  So fun!


  We flew through lesson 4 in two days, although the picture above would not suggest that!  They had to identify/count rectangles of a certain color/pattern and review shading in blocks.  Lesson 5 requires writing out the number as the answer vs circling it on a number line or tracing it.  So, the rest of the week was spent on learning to write our numbers.  We use Learn & Go Numbers, a wipe-off book that we can reuse. 


   Another great week!  The boys read their first HOP (Hooked on Phonics) book, Cat, and learned -ap and -ag words.  Map, sap, rap, nap, cap, gap, lap, tap, zap, bag, sag, rag, wag, tag...and that's all I'll say about that!


   We worked on B's and R's this week.  B was a natural at B's since he has been able to write his name for awhile.  C picked it up rather quickly as we were only adding another little curve to last weeks "P".  Mommy worked on her pirate jokes for all of the Arrrrrr's they were doing!  Though, I was the only one laughing.  ...sigh...  Does that mean they are already too cool for me?  

Until next week!

Thanks to these websites for inspiration:

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