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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Week 3 - The Little Rabbit

For our third row, we read The Little Rabbit by Phoebe Dunn.  Am I the only person who didn't know that baby rabbits are really called "kits" or "kittens"?  I definitely would've gotten that Jeopardy question wrong.  This story was about a little girl who received a rabbit for an Easter gift.  I loved that the story used real pictures instead of cartoon's/drawings.  We started off the week by reading our story and then making our own bunnies.

Unfortunately, we are down a rabbit.  We left to go to storytime at the library and when we came home we found googly eyes, a pink nose, rabbit ears and whiskers on the rug.  
Grace (our Chocolate Labra-dork) officially ate the cotton balls.  Errrrrrgggg.

We also worked on our lapbook.  We made up our own pet bunnies:
In the story, Sarah names her rabbit "Buttercup" because she was sitting near some buttercups.  C. told me that if he had a rabbit, maybe it would sit near a flower called, Fruit Snacks, so he could call it "Fruit Snack."

And used our math skills to help feed the rabbit:

 I found these great (free!) printable mommy/baby animal cards from 1+1+1=1 website.  Such a great resource!  The boys had a great time trying to match the animals.  They had some difficulty figuring out the penguin chick.

Of course we had to have some rabbit pancakes (and don't forget his carrot)!

We took a "field trip" to Clintonville Urban Rabbitry and Garden.  We got to see several of their beautiful Champagne d'argent rabbits and they were so kind in explaining all about their specific rabbits, taking care of a rabbit, etc. to the boys.  As you can imagine (if you know my boys), they were very shy and did not want to interact with the rabbits.  So, we also took a trip to a local Petstore.  They seemed to do much better with this and really wanted to play with the rabbits.  We choose one just like Buttercup (the rabbit in the story) to look at it.  We talked about their long ears and how their eyes are on the sides of their head instead of the front.

 Finally, we made our own picture books.  They each got to choose one of their favorite toys and we took pictures in different places throughout the house.  We printed them out and they got to make up their own stories.  Although, somehow, they both ended up being about cars getting the bad guys!


This week we read the story of Adam and Eve.  We talked about rules/laws/sins.  Our Bible verses for this week were Psalm 148:3 and ...Romans 6:23...

  We played a fun game of "Adam says" (vs Simon Says) to listen closely and obey.  We had a fun page in our workbook to draw a line to the right face for obeying/sinning.

We also "received" a letter in the mail from Mission's Mike!  The boys were so excited.  He talked about a lot of the animals and regions in Africa.  We got our atlas out to see how far away we were from Africa, talked about different countries and flags.  We colored some African animals and talked about how Adam was in charge of all the animals.  We also compared/contrasted them and discussed how God made them each special.

We also talked about some of the laws that we have when driving.  We painted our own road with car wheels to remember:
They have been repeating the story all week long and having "Bible time" with one another.  They each take turns being the teacher.  It's really been encouraging to hear them repeating God's word.


This week has focused on counting and shading in the number of blocks that is given.  The boys continue to ask for math and are usually disappointed when we are finished and want more!  I may try to do 2 chapters this week as they seem to be doing well with the material.
Brendan getting his math on!


By far one of THE highlights of the week.  Both boys read their first words!!  I was so excited for them and was in tears.  Below are video's of them both reading their first story.



We worked on our P's and D's this week.  Still fine tuning pencil grip, but overall doing great.

  Thanks for reading and see you next week!

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