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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Week 1 - Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear?

We've had a blast this week rowing our first book, Jesse Bear What Will You Wear by Nancy White Carlstrom.  I have to say, I was a little skeptical as to whether the boys would actually enjoy reading the same book every day all week long.  But, they have asked to read it every day.  I think we are really going to enjoy the Before Five in a Row lessons!

We started off the week with our first reading session and then went back through the book looking for any signs of love.  It was great!  My favorite was them arriving at the conclusion that Jesse Bear was showing love by getting dressed and obeying his mom.

We then had a great time making a Jesse Bear from a weather bear printable.

Next we made our Jesse Bear Lapbook:

 We also talked about patterns (shapes and colors) and found them in the book.  We made potato stamps and recreated the kitchen floor pattern:

 Then we used it for a tablecloth for our Jesse Bear lunch!  

We also did a science experiment with gummy bears.  We placed a gummy bear in fresh water, salt water and air and made predictions as to what would happen to the bears.  My favorite prediction from B. was that the water would turn sour with the fresh water cup.  My favorite from C. was the salt water would push the bear out of the cup and onto the stove.  Gotta start somewhere with predictions :)
And the results.....


 For Our Bible Study we are using BIBLE (kindergarten) by ASCI.  We've been learning the first 3 days of creation this week.

Day 1:  God made Light!  Per our studies recommendation, we made a "Creation Station".  Each day we'll be adding something new to it to represent what God has made on that day.  For today we painted the outside and got to go inside and "turn on the light!"

 Working on our Creation Station:

Finished Product:

Day 2:  God made the sky!  Today we added clouds to the inside of our Creation Station.  We made our own clouds with cotton balls and did some cloud gazing.  C. was able to spot Falcor from the Never Ending Story and B. found a mean shark.  Do you see them?

We also read It looked like Spilt Milk by Charles G. Shaw.  The boys really liked the repetition and were able to "read" the book back to me.

Day 3:  God made the seas and the land, trees, plants and sand!  Today we added flowers and grass to our creation station.  We also made puppets that helped tell our story and looked at different plant books.

And on review day...a little bit of a treat!

C. making Day 3 Cupcakes

Light                                  Sky                           Plants/Trees


We are using Math-U-See.  This week was all about number recognition from 0-9.  The boys have done a great job with this.  I'm hoping that it continues!


We are using Hooked on Phonics.  If any of you out there are doing this or have done it, you know how wonderful (insert sarcasm) it is listening to the accompanying cd., Bb...bell.  Lovely.  :)


We are using Handwriting without Tears.  This week we have been doing pencil pick-ups and still working on proper pencil grip.  Stay tuned for letter's E & F!

Getting their grip on....

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