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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Week 17 - Jesus and the Children

  We took a break from rowing any books this week to ease ourselves back into the swing of school.  Next week, check out all of our fun with Angus Lost!


 This week focused on the story of Jesus & the children.  We talked about being important even though they were not grown-ups and how they could become a child of God.  Our memory verse was Matthew 19:14:

But Jesus said, "Let the children come to me.  Don't stop them!  For the kingdom of heaven belongs to those who are like these children."  Matthew 19:14 (apparently Baby J did not want to be left can hear her "mamamama" ramblings at the end)

The first day, they listened to a story about a little girl who was on a walk and was admiring everything that God had made in the world.  She started to become jealous that she couldn't fly like birds or be the beautiful color of the roses, until she realized that God had made her special.  She was His child.  They completed a worksheet by matching things with their "homes":

 Then, we went on a walk to enjoy what God had made:

 Can you see the bird in the bush?  We talked about how God had created it with camouflage (which sparked a discussion between them about the wild rabbit in The Little Rabbit!).  Hopefully my neighbors don't think I'm a creeper for taking a picture.

The next day we read the story of Jesus & the children.  They got to color a boy to represent themselves and add it to the bulletin board.  I colored one for baby J since she is also a kiddo in this house.  "B" is in the red shirt & "C" is in the black shirt.

Then, we read a story about a little boy who lives in India with his missionary parents (we have heard about him in previous weeks).  He witnessed to his friends and they accepted Jesus into their hearts.  We talked a little bit about India:  where it is located in comparison to the US, their flag, their culture, animals and architecture.  Afterward, we made wordless books to reinforce the salvation message.  These books were made of 5 different colors of construction paper to represent different things.  
  1)Gold/Yellow=Heaven  2)Black=Sin  3)Red=Blood of Jesus  4)White=Sins washed away/Cleansed  5)Green=grow in Christ.  The video below is "B" telling me about the book:

Finally, we wrapped up the week by reviewing all of our stories and making a windsock with the take away points...I Am a Child of God...He loves me, He cares for me, He died for me, He will never leave me.  The Cars™ streamers were left over from a birthday party and a big hit:


Mommy's Learning Moment of the Week:

Winter.....brrrrr.  One of my most hated times of the year.  It's so cold and dreary...I long for the warm summer days.  I captured this picture while getting in my car.   The flakes were coming down in such big chunks and getting stuck to the window.  Isn't it truly beautiful?  It made me stop and see the beauty in a season that I truly dread.  We've been studying The Explicit Gospel by Matt Chandler in our awesome study, if anyone is looking!  On one of the sessions, he was talking about being in awe of God.  How in the beginning there was nothing and then there was everything.  How there were no such things as colors, smells, textures or anything before God spoke them into existence.  Even though I knew this, I often times take it for granted.  To a lot of's just snow.  But when you really stop and think that the God of the universe created such a tiny, cold, wet, delicate, complex and beautiful structure like a can we not be in awe of His greatness?



 This week was all about memorizing the doubles:  1+1, 2+2 and 3+3.  They also learned math problems are written vertically and not horizontally.  This workbook page shows a few problems and a review of 0-20.


  We tackled a few lower case "magic c" letters this week:  "c", "o" & "s".


  As promised, finally!  ....drum roll.....  A couple of the stories they've been reading for the past week:



See you next week!

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