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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday Baby "J" !

    I can't believe my little baby is 1!  My, how the time flies by way too quickly.  We had a "hoot" celebrating her first birthday party.  There are a few reasons for this post:  1) for all of our family that was sick and couldn't make it (you caught our nasty bug a week after us!)  2) because I never print my pictures (I know, I'm a bad mama) and 3) to show that I have been busy and thus, my blogging absence.

  I chose an owl theme that I had found from birthday express.  It was just too cute!  Inspired by much pinterest-ing (which leads to a lot of trouble, might I add!) and google-ing, I came up with these invitations.  The actual invite was printed on white paper and glued to the top of the belly:

   My mom made an adorable smash cake for her!  I think it turned out fabulous:

And, I made cupcakes (inspired by this one):

The party...just waiting for the guests and guest of honor!

Home-made pom-poms.  Pretty easy to make, but very time consuming.

Birthday Girl's chair!

0-12 month picture banner.

And, finally she arrives!  It was a rough day.  She didn't have a very long morning nap, which made that smile of her's disappear for awhile.

Making the rounds with big brother by her side...
She went straight for the confetti on the table.  How do they find these things so fast!

Digging into the cake, the best part!  There was no hesitation to dig right in.  She went at it with both hands:
One of my favorite frosting beard.
Major chocolate mess!

Too quick to catch for picture with her hat on!

Opening up one of her gifts (from her aunt/uncle/cousins).
I love her elbow dimple :)

Catching up with a friend, Miss "G":

All in all, a very fun party.  I'm sad to see this first year go by, but am very excited to see what the next year brings.  I love seeing how her little personality is developing.

Mama and her girl

Next week I'll be posting our Easter activities.  And then, we will be rowing The Carrot Seed!  Hope everyone has a blessed Easter weekend. 


  1. I LOVE all the pics! I love the picture banner! I would have never thought of that, great idea! The smash cake is adorable. It looks like she had a great party. -Jess

  2. Thanks Jess! My mom did a great job on the cake...she keeps beating herself up about it. I thought it was awesome. Hope you have a great weekend and a fun time sleeping in tomorrow!!

  3. Oh WOW!! Can you come and organise all our parties? This was amazing! I love everything owly, especially the cake! Tell me she didn't eat the WHOLE cake?? I love the idea of the banner of 12 months with a photo for each month. So clever!

  4. Thanks! She would've eaten the whole cake if we would not have taken it away. She is such the piggy! There were no signs of slowing down...what can I say, she's a girl after my own (choco-holic) heart.