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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Elf on the Shelf - Part 2

Oh, the fun we've had...

    with Sir Elrond.  We will miss him dearly.  I must admit, it's been nice going to bed without thinking (at the last minute)...Aaahh, I forgot to move the elf!  The picture's below are the wrap up of our fun with our little elf.  If you'll remember, he and Buzz were having a marshmallow fight on my last post:

 Day 11:

Buzz gets revenge...  Ellie is tied to the Christmas tree and surrounded by army men.

Day 12:
Late night chocolate binge

Day 13:
TP Christmas Countdown

Day 14:
"I Spy" Elrond...becoming one with the ornaments

 Day 15:
Missing & wishing he was the Big Guy...

 Day 16:
Coloring a page of Santa with "the list."  Not pictured here is the reminder note he left about bad behavior=naughty list, good behavior=nice list.

Day 17:

Elrond trapped them in their room.  I thought the boys would come plowing through, but they found a hole in the bottom and crawled through it.  They had fun ripping the paper down.

Day 18: 
The elf takes a shower

Day 19:
Trapped in the cupboard!

Day 20: 
The last day Elrond was here- bowing to baby Jesus.  He left a note talking about the real meaning of Christmas and promised to see us next year!

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